How to Curate a Creative Space

Are you lacking motivation and inspiration for your creative ideas or goals? Whether you are a Writer, a Painter, or want to explore your creative side, having a designated space to work is essential. Curating your personal creative space not only enhances creativity but also you’ll learn more about yourself. The physical, mental, and emotionalContinue reading “How to Curate a Creative Space”

The Craft of a Songwriter

Previously I shared with you all my admiration of lyricists that also impacted my inspiration of becoming a Writer. Solange has created buzz again with her 4th solo album When I get Home. It’s no surprise that people are still wowed at her creative genius when it comes to composing music and visuals. I didn’tContinue reading “The Craft of a Songwriter”

So you wanna write..

Read. Write. Repeat.       To be a writer you must first be a reader. Understanding the essentials is key. You will be able to determine your preferred writing style and genres you are attracted to. Like any artist, you must be inspired.     Read, write, and repeat. When in doubt, read. ExploreContinue reading “So you wanna write..”