I went to Bali, Indonesia- here’s what I learned.

You guysss! It’s been one full week since I’ve been back to the States since visiting Changi, Singapore and Bali, Indonesia. As you can already imagine, this 12 day trip was beyond amazing and completely exceeded my expectations! I even partied with Uncle Russell Simmons himself via his personal invite to our group to partayContinue reading “I went to Bali, Indonesia- here’s what I learned.”

Tips for the Minimalist Traveler

You asked, so here we go! During my travels over the last year I have gained experience in being a self proclaimed ‘expert travel packer’. When I began traveling I had it bad- I checked a bag PLUS a carry on PLUS my personal item. Most times this was for small weekend trips. My biggestContinue reading “Tips for the Minimalist Traveler”