The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together

How do you best deal with the challenges in life? Many of us throw it under the rug, because, well I don’t know why really.  When someone asks how we’ve been, the most cliche’ answer many of us give is “I’ve been doing my usual. Working. Staying out of the way.” Or you’ve been ‘grinding’.Continue reading “The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together”

Social Media Platforms- Am I Investing Too Much?

As we all know, Social Media plays a huge part in many people’s success. People get discovered and make careers from so many of these platforms. The most popular include YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As of late, I noticed that many influencers, especially on Instagram have these scares where they think their pages wereContinue reading “Social Media Platforms- Am I Investing Too Much?”