The Issue With The “Let Me Help You Approach”

Hey Creatives! Welcome to the first of 6 topics within our Lively Communication Series. When it comes to building a brand and a business that is sustainable, proper message interpretation is key. However, there is a psychology to how you translate your brand and market messaging. And let me tell you, the “Let Me Help You” approach is NOT how to establish trust and long-lasting engagement with your audience. 

You: “Well aren’t we supposed to show our audience how we can help?”. 

Key things to take from this article: You are NOT the hero in your customer/client journey. They are. You are simply the bridge to get them from Point A to Point B. It’s really not about you. They are utilizing you as the resource. It is up to THEM to use your resources and instruction to make it a happy ending. When you put you and your company immediately into Savior mode, it creates a relationship of dependency. 

However, this is not to get misconstrued with properly positioning yourself as the best solution and expert (someone who actually knows what they’re talking about). Many marketing approaches place the company in the position of “If you don’t work with us, your business/life will be in shambles”. Is that really how you want to invite people to work with you? Keep in mind I said invite, not convince. But we’ll talk about that more thoroughly in another conversation. 

There is an art to putting out your brand and market messaging with the proper placement of FOMO and simply impacting fear into your prospect. The approach should ALWAYS be collaborative. Market messaging should give the notion of “We’ve sent you the invitation to work with us (via sales page, sales email, whatever). If YOU decide to work with us, here’s what we’ll accomplish together”. When you market to the right people, there is no need to enforce the let me help you approach. 

You simply inform your audience of what you offer, who your ideal clientele is for that offer, and the cost and process to get started. 

It’s really that simple. Your marketing messaging should never be in the position of convincing. You are present simply to inform so your target audience can make the decision to collaborate. Allow your customer/client to be the hero of their own success story. Allow them the opportunity to utilize your expertise and tools. Naturally, they will see and share the benefits of what they were able to accomplish by partnering with you. Tweaking the “Let Me Help You” approach increases your likelihood of sales, the likelihood of your customer/client staying with you and continuing to work with you. 

Share this with your Marketing Team, or your Company Writers. This simple shift will upgrade your messaging to top-tier, elite status and allow you to welcome that same kind of clientele.

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