The Copywriter Vs. The Copyright: One Word With Two Different Meanings

Homophones that are essential to business success.

Part 4/8 of the Lively Communication Series.

Have you ever looked at an amazing, or cheezy, yet memorable commercial and was like “wow, that company is creative!”. You can thank 75% of that creativity to the copywriter on the marketing  team that developed the messaging. 

You’ve ever created some AMAZING content but were afraid to put it out into the world, in fear that your idea would be stolen? But then you learned you could consult with a lawyer and get your intellectual property legally protected through copyright? If not, after reading this article you just might!

In this Lively Communication Series, we’re breaking down the common homophones of Copywrite and Copyright. In conversation, it’s easy  to misuse these two very different worlds. I can’t tell you how many times in my early copywriting career people reached out for legal advice. But since then I’ve improved my messaging and visual branding to reduce the confusion.

Let’s break down these two necessary concepts you’ll need for business and brand success.

The Copywriter

We’ve all seen or heard the word copywriting before but what does it mean? Copywriters write advertisements and marketing materials for businesses. Through digging into the mind of their clientele and developing creative strategies, copywriters write content that speaks directly to their audience. In other words, they are transforming your ideas into words that sell.

A copywriter, like the individuals we have on our team here at The Lively Creative, use words to sell. If you’re a business owner, more than likely you’ve had some sort of landing page, sales email, or pitch that needed to be written. 

Copywriters are skilled professionals that understand the psychology of selling and authentically connect with human triggers to produce an action. In recent years, we’ve learned that many people sell well through speaking, but few are successful in translating those messages into powerful, written words. This is one of the reasons we enjoy the onboarding process with our clients. The conversations. Bringing those conversations to life in the Messaging Roadmap phase. It’s truly a joy to see unfold!

The Copyright

Copyright, on the other hand, is the legal protection of any intellectual property. Copyright protections give content creators like writers, filmmakers and artists legal rights in their works. When done right, copyright protections help creators profit from their work and give them legal recourse if it’s used without permission.

You’re an artist and got a song that’s a hit? You should probably copyright the lyrics. Got an e-book you planning to sell to your audience? You should copyright the content. When it comes to obtaining a copyright for your work, a lawyer must always be involved. 

Anytime you’re discussing the legalities and protection of your brand, hire a professional to ensure everything is in place. Two of our vetted and trusted Trademark and IP lawyers are listed here and here.

As your business continues to grow and expand, the need for copywriting and copyrighting will come at some point during the journey. It’s important to be clear where you currently stand in business and employ the proper people and resources to support you.

Copywrite and Copyright are two different areas of expertise.

The Copywriter: The use of psychology to write words that sells. Typically written by a professional copywriter.

The Copyright: The legal protection of Intellectual Property, typically secured by a business lawyer.

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