Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Publishing Copy

Hey Creatives! Welcome to the third of 5 topics within our Lively Communication Series. When it comes to building a brand and a business that is sustainable, proper message positioning and interpretation is key. There is a psychology to how you translate your brand and market messaging. Truly and authentically connecting with your audience requires confidence and clarity. We’re gonna break down common mistakes businesses make when writing and publishing copy. 

Oftentimes, when you plan and launch that big launch, there are a number of things that factor into the probability for success. One being your messaging and how it’s executed. Simply put, your copy may be broken. You and your team may even think that the product or service needs to be changed or edited because it didn’t sell or perform well. Before you pitch your service or product, consider this:

Sometimes you just need a few tweaks here and there, put some oil in those creaks. From properly communicating what the offer is, what the benefit is to the client/customer, and what their buying experience looks like. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Assess what you have, identify the gaps, and make the necessary changes for improvement. It is also important to note, longer copy does not equate to better copy. There is literally a skill in understanding human psychology and what triggers a person to read long form posts and sales pages. And most often, clear and concise takes the win. 

Specifically here are Five Reasons Your Sales/Landing Page is getting crickets: 

+No clear #1, identified solution

+No clear, straight to the point headline

+Not enough info or too much info

+No real stats or receipts

Take this checklist back to your team to assess your current sales page or funnell to assess for any gaps in communicating your offer effectively. 

Or, if you’d like our team to provide feedback on your copy, request your audit here.

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