12 Books Worth a Read in 2019

Hello Creatives, You all asked, so here they are! These 12 books are personal picks of books I’ve either read or plan to read this year. Enjoy this special curated list! 12 Books worth a Read in 2019. 1: 48 laws of Power by Robert Greene If you are philosophy type of person, this bookContinue reading “12 Books Worth a Read in 2019”

When it came to writing poetry, Lil Wayne was my inspiration.

The other day I was going through some old notebooks and journals from middle school. What did I find? Pages and pages of written poetry and songs that were actually pretty dope. As I laughed through the pages, I realized “this sh*t is actually good!” (From a early 2000’s point of view). I learned toContinue reading “When it came to writing poetry, Lil Wayne was my inspiration.”

Creatives x Anxiety

Creativity comes from a place of null and void. We implement things in our lives that are currently no so. We create to provide a solution. Think about the world’s biggest brands and who developed them. Let’s take Apple, Inc. for an example. Steve Jobs developed something so innovative, so creative, that even after soContinue reading “Creatives x Anxiety”