About Srebrenica Lejla

Srebrenica Lejla is an electrifying Creative and Consulting Copywriter. She partners with business owners to achieve power in brand messaging, get even clearer on their ideal client, while increasing profits through powerful, magnetic copy. Many businesses are sitting on gold mines and need a good translator to help amplify their message. Srebrenica’s expertise in writing provokes action and lively engagement. 

Srebrenica has craftly infused her higher education in business, value for effective communication, and lively creative behavior to help business owners not only scale their business with ease, but to also improve their own lifestyles through various creative activities.

Serving as a Creative Catalyst, Lejla advocates for those to live their best creative life. Stimulating creativity is not only good for business but also improves self development. Her first published book, Be Free, Live Creatively, was inspired by her Lifestyle Blog featured on www.thelivelycreative.com, focusing on mental health, life inspiration, and some of her crafty projects. 

When she is not helping businesses improve their communication, Srebrenica Lejla also enjoys crafty DIY projects, baking sweet treats, and exploring around the world.

Living a life without boundaries is the goal for me. The way I achieve that is really stepping into my creative genius and let it blossom into something beautiful.”

-Srebrenica Lejla

About The Lively Creative

The Lively Creative, LLC was established in 2018 with one goal in mind: to curate an environment in which Creatives perform boldly. Bridging the gap between business and creativity not only makes life more fun but also elevates your business to new heights! Our team of professional writers and consultants provides a unique experience for each of our clients. 

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