About Srebrenica Lejla

Be Bold. Be Loud. Be Confident. Be You. Be a Lively Creative!
Srebrenica Lejla is a Writer, Lifestyle Blogger, Creative Empowerment Coach, and founder of The Lively Creative, LLC. Teaching others to Discover the Creator Within, individuals are able to place themselves on authentic platforms to be heard.
A Cleveland Native, Srebrenica enjoys exploring around the world, crafty DIY projects with old furniture, and loves baking Caramel Cake and various cheesecakes.Although a Science Major Graduate, pursuing an MBA, and having leadership roles in Medical Operations, Srebrenica knew she was destined for more outside of her academic and corporate achievements. Going through her own journey of regaining passion for creative writing has allowed Srebrenica to “Be Free and Live Creatively”. While tapping into other creative outlets, the epiphany of self growth and self discovery completely manifested. Bridging the gap between creativity and life purpose has inspired others to do the same.

“Living a life without boundaries is the goal for me. The way I achieve that is really stepping into my creative genius and let it blossom into something beautiful.”

-Srebrenica Lejla

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