Best Client Management Tool

What is a CRM, exactly?

CRM, or customer relationship management system is a must have if you decide to be successful in business. In order to keep a client/customer, you must have appropriate tools and workflows in place. Before I decided to invest in a CRM system, I was trying to manage everything in Excel Sheets. Yes, you read that right. (hopefully after reading this article you take the leap of utilizing a CRM system to improve your business). I’m going to share with you the system I use as a Consulting Copywriter and how using this system is universal, no matter what industry you’re in.

What does your Team use?

*Drum roll please* 
We absolutely LOVE Dubsado. From a Creative standpoint, Dubsado is extremely simple to navigate and add your own magic. The plug-and-play layout makes it a no brainer even for the most non savvy person when it comes to technology (aka me). Here’s what Dubsado has allowed us to address and implement with ease:

  • Branded everything! From forms, questionnaires, proposals, emails, and packages, I add my company’s branding in a professional way. It’s necessary to not only be legit, but also look legit.
  • Create Signature Packages – the click- and-go makes it a breeze to share offers with ease. This also helped me narrow down the types of packages offered. Simple is key.
  • Canned Emails (my personal fav!)- From appointment reminders, proposal reviews, and so much more, these take the guesswork of what to say each and every time
  • Client/Project management on-boarding/off-boarding, workflows, and client portals so they can track projects/ follow up as necessary. Easily organize client sources and statuses. Makes it easy for re-targeting and follow up.
  • Accounting and reporting– easily see what’s coming in, and what’s going out. And if you have Quickbooks (which I hope you do), these systems can be integrated to easily reflect one another.

Best thing if you don’t have Dubsado: you can try it for free! No time limit.

Before Dubsado, I was using excel sheets and manually tracking everything (where was I, the stone ages??), putting more energy into the how of things instead of focusing on my clients and their outcomes. 

Now with Dubsado, I can easily pass things off to my team, follow up with clients more appropriately (that client follow up is essential y’all), and really see my numbers and create and meet attainable monthly revenue goals.

Whether you are starting off or got some skin in the game, an appropriate client management system provides a peace of mind (I mean, what business doesn’t want that?). Feel free to chime in below, what is your favorite system for client management?

Published by Srebrenica Lejla

Srebrenica Lejla is a Consulting Copywriter. A Cleveland, Ohio Native, Srebrenica Lejla helps business owners achieve authentic power in their messaging and attract an engaged paying audience. As a MBA candidate, Srebrenica Lejla also enjoys crafty DIY projects, baking goodies and exploring around the world.

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