I went to Bali, Indonesia- here’s what I learned.

You guysss!

It’s been one full week since I’ve been back to the States since visiting Changi, Singapore and Bali, Indonesia.

Photo taken by Baskoro Prasetyo

As you can already imagine, this 12 day trip was beyond amazing and completely exceeded my expectations! I even partied with Uncle Russell Simmons himself via his personal invite to our group to partay with him! What. A. Trip!

Many of you asked, Srebrenica why and how did you end up across the world (again)??

This trip was a great mixture of business and pleasure as I flew across the world to spend a week with 6 other dope Black Women Entrepreneurs.

Let’s dive in!

Changi, Singapore.

Before I started my week in Bali, Indonesia, I spent a night in Changi, Singapore.

This place (even the balconies of apartments and storefronts) is full with beautiful flowers and is such a environmentally clean place overall. The garden is out of this world and the mall has every luxury brand you can possibly think of!

Photo taken by my good friend Morgan!

Bali, Indonesia.

You guys, Bali treated us like the Beautiful Black Queens we are and did it well! Our host of this dope trip and 1/7 dope entrepreneurs, Erica Stepteau, had an week full of relaxation planned and masterminding for each of our businesses.

I took this week to fully unplug and took advantage of connecting with nature- although we stayed at a fabulous villa in Ubud. I didn’t know where my laptop was and didn’t care! The best part about that is my business didn’t stop just because I did for a few days.

Photo taken by an amazing staff member at Bebek Tepi Sawah Villas and Spa

During one of the days of our trip, the staff at the Villa had an entire day planned to treat all 7 of us to a “Balinese Queen” Day. We started our day with yoga, as we did every other day, and had a beautiful breakfast: fresh pressed fruit juice of all assortments and a full breakfast menu from American, to Indonesian style. We had optionssssss y’all. The French Toast however was on my top favs and most ordered list.

My good Balinese friend Made took this!

Next, each of us went to our personal rooms to find a beautiful flower bath before we met with our makeup artist and hairdresser for the day.

Once we were dressed, we headed to the palace and did a full on photoshoot! After the photoshoot we were prepared a Royal Balinese lunch.

Photo by my good friend Jacinta

The Queens really arrived in Bali! And this was just highlight of one of our days in Bali. Fully immersing myself into the culture really allowed me to be present in the moment and bask in the gratefulness I had for this wonderful opportunity.

Photo by my good friend Erica

My time in Bali was filled with so many experiences- some that had me in complete awe at God’s greatness to moments of frustration and enlightenment during our 1-hour, 4am hike. Some moments I can’t even put into words to write and I’m a Writer!

My good friend Angela captured this dopeness

This trip also reminded me to really practice self care- not the pretend clichés we see so often online.

You attract what your thoughts allow. Always be mindful.

As a Lively Creative myself, taking this time to scale back, immerse myself into someone else’s culture and clarify my life’s vision has completely changed the outlook on my words, thoughts, and actions.

Despite the 24 hours of travel, I would so do this trip again but add a few more counties to visit while I’m out 🙂

Who knows, you may see me on a month exploration, country hopping week to week 😉

Photo courtesy of yours truly

Here’s my challenge to you: go out and do something different- no matter how small it may seem at the moment.

Never went out for coffee or tea alone? Give it a try.

Wanted to try that new class but you’ve been so consumed with the challenges? Register for the class.

You may even have an idea for a business- offer it to the world, see what comes of it!

Creatives, whatever you chose to do here in life, do it with the purest intent and the courage of a lion. Life is yours for the taking.

Dammit, Angela did her magic again with this one!

Im sure you enjoyed my lovely photo captions along the read.

Live Creatively Peeps!

Published by Srebrenica Lejla

Srebrenica Lejla is a Consulting Copywriter. A Cleveland, Ohio Native, Srebrenica Lejla helps business owners achieve authentic power in their messaging and attract an engaged paying audience. As a MBA candidate, Srebrenica Lejla also enjoys crafty DIY projects, baking goodies and exploring around the world.

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