Top 5 Transformative Actions of 2018


So this past week I decided to share my Top 5 Transformative Actions of 2018 via social media campaign I created. Many asked for me to create an article compiling them, so, here ya go!

Transformative Action #1: Solo Dating 

I enjoy spending time by myself. Solidarity brings me peace. Everyone needs productive “Me Time”. A few Saturdays ago I took myself to the art museum and saw some work that completely inspired me in a whole new perspective. I also took myself to for lunch and drinks. I actually do this often and it’s fun to enjoy your own company and meet new people. 


You don’t have to be single to #SoloDate 

By the way, for my social drinkers this was a Pomegranate Maragrita. Soooo good! 

Transformative Action #2 : Elevate Creative Expression 

I’ve always been the subtle, reserved person. Yet I am very expressive when it comes to my hair. I do what I want to my hair. When I want and how I want. Even while I am working in corporate I still allow myself to be creative. So much so that my colleagues appreciates my confidence in various hair styling. (for all of my corporate peeps out there, you CAN be super stylish and expressive. Check back for a post in a future delving more into this topic). 

Different hairstyles feeds my Creative Harmony and allows my free spirit personality to shine through.

Sometimes my hair speaks FOR me. What are some hairstyles you’d like to try? Drop the comments below!


Transformative Action #3 : Saying no, period. 


Boundaries. Learning that you can’t always say “yes”. There will be projects, financial proposals, travel proposals, and other tasks that you simply can’t provide energy, time, or finances to. As a Black Woman I’ve always been expected to “get it done” no matter what. However that same mentally can slowly destroy you. Determine what is working FOR YOU before agreeing to please others. Set intentional boundaries. Let go of the guilt of telling others “no”. 

Protect your peace of mind. You’ll thank yourself later.

Transformative Action #4: Being Vulnerable with Self


Anxiety & depression is REAL. For many of us we don’t even realize we experience this because we’ve naturally taught ourselves to ignore it because “things could be worse”. But we’re human, right? It seems easier to place personas that our lives are 💯 carefree 24/7. With social media it’s not that hard to portray. Acknowledging ALL felt emotions provides clarity over our own lives. Being vulnerable with Self is essential to sustainability.

THRIVE> Simply Existing.I’ve learned to acknowledge my emotions, rather than suppress them. However the 🔑 is to learn not to dwell and not make decisions based on emotion. You don’t have to be strong ALL the time. Let down the walls you’ve built towards YOURSELF. Get to know you. The real you. The rest will follow. 



Transformative Action #5: Investing in a Mentor
This one by far has been THEE MOST influential for me in 2018.

Prior to, I never considered ever looking to hire a mentor/coach or understand why it would even matter.

I’ve had so many goals, so many ideas however no direction. I’d be inspired for a short time but go back to my viscous cycle of not thriving in my purpose. 


You ever wanted to “pick someone’s brain” for their knowledge and advice on a particular topic? I’ve learned to take advice from those who have already achieved things I have yet to accomplish. You need someone to stretch you, not small talk your goals. The blind can’t lead the blind. 
I encountered my mentor back in December 2017, by chance. We instantly connected and I made a decision to invest in myself in a new way. I’ve traveled, bought myself nice things, been in grad school, but hiring a coach was super new for me.

My view of coaching/mentoring is investing in yourself to enhance an area of your life, provide USEFUL guidance. I mean, you’re worth it,right? 

My mentor has challenged me to think differently about my purpose. You already have purpose within you!

As we are finishing the 4th Quarter of 2018, it’s always good to reflect on the things that has transformed you. We all grow when we learn to invest in ourselves in all of the various areas of life. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Live Creatively,

Srebrenica Lejla

Published by Srebrenica Lejla

Srebrenica Lejla is a Consulting Copywriter. A Cleveland, Ohio Native, Srebrenica Lejla helps business owners achieve authentic power in their messaging and attract an engaged paying audience. As a MBA candidate, Srebrenica Lejla also enjoys crafty DIY projects, baking goodies and exploring around the world.

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