I made it to the Motherland!

I did some pretty dope things in 2017. My biggest accomplishment was FINALLY stepping my feet on the continent of the origins of life: Africa.

The country I visited was South Africa. Boy was it nothing short of amazing! My Cousin decided to have an EPIC destination birthday and South Africa was it.

After a long 16-hour flight, our first stop was Johannesburg. As an American I was not overly surprised that even South Africans with the same color skin as me looked as me as a non equal. It’s safe to say that experience was an adjustment for me.

In Johannesburg we drove through Soweto…..

Next we visited the Nelson Mandela museum which was an old house he and his wife and children lived in. I had the upmost pleasure of meeting Nelson Mandela’s older sister who they call Mama Mandela. Such a surreal feeling!

After the short layover in Johannesburg, we caught our connecting flight to Capetown. Let me tell you: the views were amazeballs. Mountains made you feel like you were standing in a handmade portrait of a landscape.

How could I forget to mention the kick it?? The clubs and parties I went to were mad turnt! The city views at night were beautiful- although I was miles away I felt right at home enjoying the city life.

Of course I couldn’t go all the way to the Mothaland without checking out a Safari! The Safari we went to was about 2 hours away-again such beautiful scenery. The overall experience was quite interesting. This particular location was definitely man-made so it didn’t have that “authentic” feel I was expecting.

However once we went into the lion’s double gated area of the land, shit got real lol. Imagine riding through free, open land in a Jeep with no windows or security 😱. We entered through one gate and the guide appeared extremely observant as he closed the gate behind us. Once that was clear, we entered a second gate that immediately closed. At this point I’m thinking: “Oh shit, were basically stuck if one of these lions pop out!” Nevertheless since it was 7am the lions did not come out to play. I wasn’t sure if I should be disappointed or relieved.

The visit to Robben Island was so surreal. After a very rocky ferry from Table Mountain to the island, a strong emotion came over me. To think that men and women who spoke up against injustices in their country were forced to this island and sentenced 10+ years. Walking into the prison felt like I was going through an instant time warp. One of the former prisoners who spent about 5+ years in the prison is now a tour guide. Crazy right?He provided so much insight on the prison conditions. Needless to say, the conditions were inhumane.

My 7 day trip to the Mothaland was a true eye opener to many concepts. Would I travel to Capetown again? Heck yeah! Although I spent a short time in Johannesburg I’d go back there as well.

Have you thought of visiting Africa? If so comment below the countries you would love to check out!

Published by Srebrenica Lejla

Srebrenica Lejla is a Consulting Copywriter. A Cleveland, Ohio Native, Srebrenica Lejla helps business owners achieve authentic power in their messaging and attract an engaged paying audience. As a MBA candidate, Srebrenica Lejla also enjoys crafty DIY projects, baking goodies and exploring around the world.

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