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Offering a unique consulting experience, by providing the best copy-writing for emerging entrepreneurs.

“I used it (Bio) for the anthology and website so far, I plan on using it when looking at some speaking engagements that I have coming up. I loved my bio it was spot on and you have a way with words that is so powerful”.

Tahira Best
International Speaker & Author
Illuminated Queens Community

It’s all in the storytelling. People want to know allll the main points to determine if reading any further is even worth their while. So check this: you have an amazing service or product, yet your’re still struggling as a business owner to spread the word and make. the. sale.

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

However for many emerging entrepreneurs, you may feel you’re speaking to a brick wall, when in reality you just may be speaking to the wrong people.

Hopefully not this brick wall…

But, I already know who my ideal customers are Srebrenica…

While that may be true, fully connecting with your ideal customers may provide a challenge improper use of copy is involved, which in turn interrupts your cash flow. YIKES.

There might be a slight disconnection here…

There’s a way out that struggle, and I am here to help!

I’m Srebrenica Lejla, an Author, Creative Mentor, and Copywriter for Emerging Entrepreneurs. I partner with business owners to assist with the following:

  • Power in your Brand Messaging
  • Get even clearer on your target audience
  • Increase your sales based on magnetic copy
Effective Communication= $$$$$

Have you made it thus far down the page? Yasss! If your business is in need of fresh marketing material, I’m your girl. Here are a few things I offer:

  • Sales Email
  • Web Page
  • Speaker/Author Bio
  • Social Media Blurbs
  • Ah-mazing Elevator Pitches
  • Copy Editing Services

If you’re ready to get the party started head over to the Services page.

If you not really sure what you need, yet, check out my schedule and secure a 15 minute chat. My calendar fills up quickly so don’t delay!

Talk soon!

Srebrenica Lejla

Lets get to it!

“Thank you so much for your expertise and putting this together for me!” “Mine is posted on my website, thanks Queen!”

Yoba Yates
Afickan Kreative Artist,
Kreative Righteous Gifts

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